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Videos - Sep 26, 2014 18:16 - 0 Comments

Terrific Mentors at Berlin Change Days Conference 2014


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Daily Paradox - Oct 24, 2014 5:00 - 0 Comments

My terrific mentors

John Bittleston

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On Fridays I shall occasionally tell you about a terrific mentor to me.

Everyone has people to whom they owe a lot – parents, siblings, close family, teachers, friends, colleagues. We don’t always recognise them at the time but later we may realise what a big contribution they made to our development and welfare. I certainly was fortunate to have great mentors. In fact, I call them all terrific mentors.

I will scatter the family members who qualify throughout the list. So my articles on mentors are in no particular order. They all had one thing in common. They cared deeply for me. Many other people did, too. I cannot mention them all – it would take forever. I will include those who made the biggest impression and taught me the most important lessons, usually by example, sometimes in other ways. My gratitude to those I can’t mention is tremendous.


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