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Videos - Sep 26, 2014 18:16 - 0 Comments

Terrific Mentors at Berlin Change Days Conference 2014


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Daily Paradox - Oct 31, 2014 5:00 - 0 Comments

But can I THINK what I think?

John Bittleston

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A new senior man had joined the company I was working for. Views about his ability were mixed.

My boss had made a particularly acerbic and unflattering, if rather witty, comment about him. Sometime later I was having a drink after work with the HR Director. He asked for my views of the new recruit. I repeated word for word what my boss had said. The HR Director was so shocked that he wouldn’t speak to me for some time. He said, quite openly, that he had thought better of me than that. It was a lesson to me to think my own thoughts.

All our opinions are coloured by the opinions of others, especially those we admire or who are in charge of us. Our views, indeed all our information about the world, is largely second hand. With a plethora of advice and opinions we become lazy and take a lucky dip to find our public expressions. Even the filler phrases “where you are coming from”, “like” and so on are borrowed and spread through our conversations without thought or reason.


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