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Videos - Sep 26, 2014 18:16 - 0 Comments

Terrific Mentors at Berlin Change Days Conference 2014


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Daily Paradox - Oct 23, 2014 5:00 - 0 Comments

The Catholics

John Bittleston

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The Catholics, the gays and the divorcees

Disappointing as it may seem that the clauses in the Catholic Synod relating to homosexuals and divorcees failed to achieve a two-thirds majority, the fact that they reached 50% is a welcome start to what we all know will be a long and arduous journey. Some will say ‘who cares what the Catholic church thinks?’ The answer is ‘all who want to be Catholics but who currently fall outside the church’s ministry by having excommunicated themselves’.

Old established institutions like Christianity necessarily change slowly. Tradition, belief and ritual should not be easily upset. When they are they become like a political party, bending to the whims of their supporters. Whoever or whatever God is, it is certain that s/he is not a democrat. Almighty means just what it says. Mankind may be fickle, the Almighty is not. But Christianity is a route to the Almighty promulgated by Christ, a man who apparently came to advise mankind of the principles of life. And the first and most important principle was love.


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