About Us

Our History - Beginnings
Founded more than 25 years ago by Mentor, Business CEO and Author John Bittleston, Terrific Mentors is a group of skilled mentors and coaches with considerable management experience who share a passion for reviving human spirits and balance sheets; the two often go together.

Our Personal Mentoring Services like The PASDAQ of Purpose™ and the Careers and Jobs Service have successfully helped more than 7,500 people of all levels of education find jobs to build rewarding careers and personal prosperity. Those who want to improve their relationships with bosses, peers and others by being more socially and culturally competent sign up for our Handle Yourself and Others Better service. Those who need a better presentation to the world can engage our service ‘Sum it up; spit it out; make it stick’.

Targeted at business owners and leaders, Terrific Mentors’ Corporate Mentoring Services provide strategic guidance through closed-door Strategy Mentoring sessions. We also conduct stimulating talks and workshops on Creativity, Leadership and Changing Workplace Behaviours. The eclectic combination of brains, experience, forecasting and wisdom encourages new ways of management in a rapidly-changing world – and practical actions to deal with and benefit from those changes.

We continue to receive positive feedback and reviews of John’s Daily Paradox and his many newspaper articles. His regular creative reflections on current questions are more than a blog in print. Our readers get the essential Third Opinion about what recent events mean for them as individuals and for the companies they own, manage or work for. His perspectives apply wisdom and common-sense to seemingly complex problems.

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How We Work

All Terrific Mentors have been personally selected by John Bittleston and Eliza Quek. They observe the strict codes of conduct set by Terrific Mentors at all times and treat all our Clients’ matters with total confidence and the utmost discretion. Our commitment is to building trust with our personal and corporate clients that allows us to work deeply with them on areas that are highly confidential and personal.
In addition, Terrific Mentors are committed to all of the following:

  • Everything you tell us is in complete confidence and does not go beyond us at any time.
  • About 80% of our personal Mentoring is conducted on-line via email and Skype. This has worked extremely well for the 7,500 Clients we have helped so far.
    You get our attention, nobody else’s. If we feel there is a need for us to consult anyone else (because of a particular opportunity or problem) we will do so without revealing your name and only after we have asked your permission.
  • You can normally expect a response within twenty-four hours. We do have a lot of requests for help and if we are getting overloaded we simply don’t accept any more until we can deal with the ones we already have.
  • Certain checks are conducted for free. We charge for others. You will be told clearly which is which.
  • You do not have to respond to us as quickly as we try to respond to you. We take the work we are doing together at YOUR pace. If we have not responded to you within 48 hours we have probably not received your email.
  • When we ask you questions please answer them as openly and fully as you can. We are not playing games, we are dealing with a serious matter – YOU.
  • You will get the best help and advice we can possibly give you, but we cannot act on your behalf. We are not magicians and we are not an employment agency.
  • People who take any one of our Mentoring Services can expect to benefit considerably from it. However, we do not guarantee you stardom; we do guarantee to help you aim for it and to improve your chances of achieving it.

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Our Philosophy
We probably come this way but once, so our lives should be:

  • Caring for others as well as for ourselves.
  • Successful both in personal satisfaction and financially.
  • Rewarding for the planet we leave behind when we go.
  • As good as we can possibly make it.
  • Tremendous, exciting, happy and FUN.

The three most important lessons of being a Terrific Mentor:

  • Personal standards are the only ones that matter. Others may set targets for you; your own targets are the best ones.
  • A smile is worth a million words. You can get anything you want if you smile, nothing if you don’t.
  • Kindness to others is the only training ground for courage. If you are kind you will become brave; the two are inseparable.
Our Services

Terrific Mentors has a wide variety of services suitable for Corporate and Personal use.

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Terrific Mentors has assembled a collection of some of the best Mentors, Coaches & Trainers in the business today from all walks of life. With proven track records, decades of experience and coverage of many prominent industries, we have the skills on board to guide you.

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