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Do you notice people with confidence and stature? That’s because they seem to have an easy life, look as though they were born with talents you don’t have. But they all had a problem of confidence and stature at some stage. Some of them still have it – but you won’t see that. They have learnt how to present a solid face to the world and gain the respect and trust of their fellow human beings.

Even for the most assured public figures, confidence is fragile. It is surprising if you don’t feel the same way at times. A Terrific Mentor will help put your ego into the right place in your life. We will look at what will build your confidence, how you see and can improve your stature and how facing the world is much easier than you thought.

You don’t have deep psychological problems just a natural reticence, perhaps induced in childhood. Boxing-ring advice won’t solve it. An understanding of why you are like that and the steps you can take, one at a time, to overcome it are the solution. We ‘role-play’ you to increase your self-assurance. We show you how your appearance, your body language and your attitude add up to your stature. The tiniest creatures walk tall. So can you.

Let us have an hour’s free, informal chat with you, by Skype if you prefer, to sort out what matters and what doesn’t. We will tell you how much time we think it will take for you become fully confident – typically between nine and twelve 90-minute sessions.

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