Do you speak up? When you do can other people hear you? Do you know how to politely interrupt and draw attention to what you have to say?
Do you handle others with strong emotional intelligence?
Are you always ready with something useful to say?

If you think others don’t listen to you, we’ll analyse why so that you can remedy the situation.

Communication is physical, emotional, technical, social, vital, overdone, arrogant, demure, seductive, threatening, persuasive – and usually many of these at the same time. To be successful we have to separate what we want to communicate from how we communicate it.

Getting these two elements of communication clear allows us to get each of them right and then to knit them back together, with humour, in a way that is both elegant and successful.

An hour’s free chat with a Terrific Mentor – by Skype if you like – will diagnose the problem. It will tell us what steps to take, how many sessions that will probably involve and what it will cost you. It will be among the best investments you have ever made.

Not being heard isn’t your fault and you can solve it.

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