Founder Mentor & Executive Chairman

British businessman, author, columnist and Singapore Permanent Resident, John’s career spans Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and International Management.

Business Mentor and Career Coach to over 7,500 Clients

  • Chief Executive of Singleton Pte Ltd,
  • Chairman of Wiglington and Wenks Worldwide Pte Ltd

Author of “BONES – Business Organisation Notes – Executive Section” and “The Book of Business Communications Checklists” as well as four children’s books “The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks”.

“I have recently been promoted to the position of manager for the engineering department that I have been serving in. I wanted to share this with you because your column has helped me to see those I work with as people, not just resources. I believe that regular reading of your column has helped me to become a better and more successful person. Thank you.” – AsiaOne Reader

In the 1980s and 1990s, John:

  • incorporated Cerebos Pacific Ltd (CPL), an International Food and Chinese Remedies company based in Singapore with production units and branches throughout Asia Pacific and sales worldwide.
  • floated Cerebos Pacific Ltd (CPL) on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 1983 at a market capitalisation of the company of S$135 million
  • acquired businesses in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia
  • established companies and built factories in Asia Pacific, Europe and USA
  • developed successful new products in packaged water, spices, Chinese foods and remedies
  • sold CPL in 1990 for a market capitalisation of S$825 million to Suntory of Japan

In the 1970s, John:

  • joined Ranks Hovis McDougall (RHM) as Marketing Advisor to the Board
  • became Marketing and Sales Director of RHM’s Foods Division

In the 1960s, John:

  • was Managing Director of Benson Public Relations Limited
  • became Assistant Managing Director of S H Benson Ltd, the British Advertising Agency
  • negotiated links with United States agencies and acquired eight major new clients