Sandy has a multi-faceted history of working in large international organizations and starting and running her own businesses. In her pursuit of her own version of an extraordinary life, she has questioned, explored and experienced the complexities and intricacies of life as a corporate employee and an entrepreneur.

Sandy has succeeded in key sales and leadership positions at HSBC, JP Morgan, Dresdner, ING and Jefferies, and has been voted and recognized as a top salesperson in Asia.

Sandy also has the entreprenurial drive to create her own businesses. Currently, she is exploring how to cultivate philosophical ways of questioning and inquiry among young kids through her company Idlezoo.

Her experiences have convinced her that good mentoring helps individuals be more effective in their lives, and firms, in their strategy with people.

Sandy earned a BA (Honours) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and an MBA from University of Chicago. She’s a regular contributor to Terrific Mentors’ The Daily Paradox, writing on life, work and finance.