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Have you done your internal quality checks recently? Do they tell you that you are appreciated? Does your self-appraisal motivate you to aspire to greater success? Are you happy with your progress? Would you like to do better?

Motivation and being appreciated are closely linked. When you are appreciated at work your life becomes happier and more successful. Our quality checks are internal not external. When we have them right we appreciate ourselves. Appreciation by others always follows.

Poor self-esteem is painful.

It is caused by concentrating too much upon yourself. You probably know what you want in this world. The paradox is that you will get it when you don’t scramble to do so. Learning to pay the right kind of attention to others is the secret. A Terrific Mentor will help you achieve this by re-focusing your view both of yourself and of the world around you.

No two people are alike.

That’s why we keep our programmes about self-motivation and appreciation flexible. If you grasp quickly what you need to do we move on; if it takes a little longer, we will be patient. Our best results are obtained with those who identify what they really enjoy in life.

To find out how best to help you re-motivate and appreciate yourself we need an hour’s chat – by Skype if you like. We won’t charge you for that but we will ask you some questions and your answers will provide us the key to working with you. Most people need about eight 90-minute sessions to become self-motivated and get appreciated.

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