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Negotiating is becoming very different from the often leisurely, slow-paced process it was.
Reading your opponents plan, mood and skills requires an understanding of his options and a valuation – beyond money – of yours.
Role-plays have been especially effective in learning negotiating skills.
They call for perseverance and guts.

Picking up clues fast, making lightning judgments, not getting confused by colleagues with their own agendas requires quick, risky observation and fast, creative imagination.

There is no better way to develop your negotiating skills than role-plays. They give you an insight you have never had before. You will be put in simulated negotiating situations. You will guess what is missing from your information. You will learn how to turn very swiftly when a concession appears to be offered. You will learn the trick of “negotiate toughly, settle liberally”. You will practice real negotiation. The role-plays we put you through are tough.

We will need an hour of your time to assess how best to capitalise on your negotiating strength. We won’t charge for this hour and we can do it by Skype if more convenient.
Our assessment will discover if what you need is quicker thinking, better memory, greater lucidity, greater facility to ask questions, more patience or better acting. Depending on our assessment we will suggest the number of 90-minute role-play sessions you will need.

To find out more drop us an email at [email protected].

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