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Asking questions helps you impress people. Questions display your intelligence. They show your interest, commitment and engagement. They stimulate thinking. Whether at a networking function, a virtual meeting, an interview or selling a solution, questions demonstrate your curiosity and show that you have done your homework.

Asking questions sounds so simple yet it is one of the most difficult things we do. Once acquired, it is a habit for life. It transforms the way you see the world. More importantly, it changes how the world sees you. And that is greatly to your benefit.

A client told us he simply couldn’t sell himself.

The problem was so bad that he couldn’t get a job. Twelve sessions of role-plays transformed him. If you want people to appreciate you, ask them good questions about themselves, their experiences, their dreams and ambitions. It’s about them, not about you.

First we need to know how you see yourself.

An hour’s chat, by Skype if you like, will tell us how receptive you are to the idea of asking questions. We’ll also work out how many role-play sessions you need to get you up to speed. Role-plays are the best way to become curious.

Your role-plays will include interviews for jobs, striking up friendships, closing sales deals, building a network. All done with questions.

It will transform you.

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