Great minds have purposes; others have wishes

Washington Irving

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Is your purpose quite specific? Have you thought about how you can make the best of the hundred or so years you have on earth? If you are clear about the answers to these questions you will have a happy and fulfilled life. Knowing your purpose is fundamental to being successful at your job and having good relationships with those you love and those you work with.

Each individual is unique and each of us needs to have our own purpose in life. With help we can set our own objectives and targets. When we have them we know where we are going. We can discover our inconsistencies – more useful than knowing about our consistencies. Inconsistencies are what make us valuable.

Life is a journey and a successful journey has a destination. If you know your destination you will succeed. We recommend that you re-establish your purpose – your destination – every few years and check your own progress towards it about once a year.

Let us talk to you for an hour at no cost – by Skype if you like. We will ask you a lot of questions that will help us determine your needs. We will see if completing The PASDAQ™ of Purpose will benefit you.

    The PASDAQ™ of Purpose programme is specifically designed to help
    you find your purpose. PASDAQ™ stands for Personality, Abilities, Skills,
    Dreams, Ambitions, Qualifications. Consisting of about 100 open-ended
    questions the analysis of your answers is by experienced Terrific Mentors.
    It has been running successfully for twenty-five years. Our Terrific Mentors
    have handled over 8,000 PASDAQ™ questionnaires to date.

    There are four versions of the PASDAQ™ – Pre-career, Mid-Career,
    and Leadership. The first three each cost S$3,950. The
    Leadership PASDAQ™ costs S$7,950.

To learn more about purpose please read The Tree on the other side of the Field.

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