What changes, if any, should the 2015 general election results spell for policy-making in Singapore? How would the GE outcome shape the political landscape here?

The first reason to be grateful for the election result is the stability and solidarity it shows the rest of the world. In uncertain times a confident Singapore needs to be reinforced externally even though we know it internally. World commentators have said how good it is to see Singapore strong and independent.

To be a world player Singapore has to signal its next big move. Territorially restricted, there are opportunities all around us to do the equivalent of what Kennedy did when caught in the doldrums. He sent America to the moon. Singapore will not go to the moon but we need a big project to give us goals for the next ten years. It will be a government priority to provide that scene-changing, politically educating purpose. The young PAP coterie recognises the need for Singapore now to look outwards. We are no longer a parish but a grown up state.

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