John Bittleston

Founder Mentor & Executive Chairman British businessman, author, columnist and Singapore Permanent Resident, John’s career spans Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and International Manage... Read More

Eliza Quek

International HR and Organization Development Consultant, Mentoring Partnerships Trainer Eliza enhances leadership competencies in strategic management, performance management, coaching and mentoring ... Read More

Francesca Tiffin

Francesca Tiffin has had experience in the voluntary sector, business and in the Hong Kong Civil Service, which has given her a broad perspective. Her career started in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Ci... Read More

Dr Tan Chi Chiu

Dr Tan Chi Chiu’s coaching and mentoring expertise has been honed through youth training on community service expeditions, organizing and leading numerous international humanitarian disaster relief ... Read More

Bob Gattie

Born in England, but now Singaporean, Bob has studied and worked in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia. After gaining a Masters Degree in Economic and Social Development from The University of Pittsbu... Read More

Denise Pang

Denise has been a Certified Terrific Mentor since 2008, working closely under the mentorship of Founder, John Bittleston. Over the last 3 years, she has delivered TerrificMentors International Persona... Read More

Deepa Shahi

Deepa joined HSBC as a management trainee and moved rapidly up the organization, undertaking roles of increasing seniority across diverse divisions like retail banking, custody, banking operations, tr... Read More

Renyung Ho

Continually involved in a series of new initiatives, Renyung is passionate about collaborations, co-creation and building enabling platforms. Her strong belief in experiential education and the learni... Read More

Mike Langton

During 20 years based in Singapore, Mike Langton has founded and led 5 companies from start-up to market leadership. He has turned around others when they had stumbled. In the process he has worked w... Read More

Sandy Oh

Sandy has a multi-faceted history of working in large, international organizations and starting and running her own businesses. She has succeeded in key sales and leadership positions at HSBC, JP Morg... Read More