Climate change may seem something of a hoary old subject with the President-Elect as a Disbeliever and the Northern Ice Cap fast Disappearing. It is exactly when issues like this become repetitive that they can sink into the mire of gloom and be bundled away forever. Before that happens let’s examine what we should be doing about it – and when.

You know as well as I that global warming is in full swing. To recite the evidence again would be to insult you. You have two options – “it will see me out” and “get active”. You are no more given to writing letters of protest than am I. You seldom get a reply. You think they all go into the waste paper basket. Right on all counts. Soldiers fighting a critical battle feel the same. If they are brave and committed, they fight on. So must we.

There are several ways you can help. Join one of the many societies lobbying for politicians to pay more attention to climate change. Better still write to your Member of Parliament -several times. Don’t harangue her or him, they get more than enough helpful advice already. Ask questions about what they are doing and what they plan to do to address global warming. If they don’t answer, keep writing. It is their duty to respond. If the answer is unsatisfactory, publish it.

Here are suggestions for the questions you might ask. Your own questions are even better!

What is your policy about global warming? How does this translate into financial support to subsidise it? When is (whatever you are committed to spending on it) going to be paid?

What do you think is a reasonable contribution from every earning person on the planet to contribute to reducing global warming? Do you personally make this contribution? Do you plan to? If not, why not?

Do you agree with President-Elect Trump that Global Warming is a hoax perpetrated by China (or someone)? If not, what are you doing to publicly refute his suggestion? Where can I see that public refutation?

When do you think global warming will start to kill substantial numbers of people? How long will it take us to make the necessary adjustments to energy sources to avoid this? Is your Government’s timetable good enough to achieve what must be achieved? If not, what are you going to do about it? And when?

Which three of the following issues do you regard as the most important?
Avoidance of human suffering and death through global warming?
Preservation of the world’s eco-system by avoiding global warming?
Wild-life future through mitigation of global warming?
Education to avoid risking the planet’s future by threats like global warming?
Development of alternative forms of energy NOW?
“Energy education” of the public to conserve existing sources of energy?
Including energy / climate warming questions in children’s examinations?

That’ll do for a start. Today is the first day of the last chance for our planet.

Please make an effort to save it. You know you can.

One thought on “The Polar Bear is you

  1. These are good questions. I think we have to stop funding old sources of energy production, but there are too many vested interests. If the pension funds go broke because the oil companies go broke, it creates more problems. We have to have new alternative investment, but if energy becomes free and clean where are the vested interests and life long cash flows which pension funds like? Our whole premise has to be changed, and what is development needs to be changed as an idea. But it’s a huge task. I suppose it has to start on a small scale, which is already happening. People choosing to live their lives differently on a small scale. After all, Jesus and Buddha were only small guys to begin with too. Not on the ‘inside’. Have to teach by example, and live what we preach. But for sure it’s against all big business and the idea of increase in GDP. So therefore it has to be resisted until the way we measure things change. Can this be done ‘in time’. Who knows, we can only do our own little bit.

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