Reading other people

Look at this picture. What do you see? I am sure your description is very good. Now answer the following questions about the person in the picture. What is she thinking? What is her job? What is she c... Read More

The Heart of the Matter

Finding it hard to locate the source of a problem at work or in your life? You may benefit from The Heart of the Matter, designed to discover the root cause of the ills facing you.... Read More

The PASDAQ Compass™

Sooner or later in everyone’s life they ask themselves the big question ‘What’s it all for?’ The job may get boring, progress in your career may have come to a halt, domestic life may be less ... Read More

Careers and Jobs Service

The best way to predict the future is to plan it. Your life is more important than your career. But what is life without a career? Make yourself independent and don't take your present career for gran... Read More

Handle Yourself and Other People

Emotional (and Social) Intelligence is more important than all the honours degrees in the world. We are constantly judged for it yet we seldom apply it in practice.... Read More

Your creativity can be aroused

Creativity is not only about problem solving. It is also about inventing new ideas, new ways to see the world, new applications. It is about complete fulfillment of your life. Can you, then, sit in fr... Read More

Problem Solver

Looking for some guidance about where to start? Not sure of the questions you're thinking about?... Read More