Would you like to STOP FEELING ISOLATED?

Are you a born networker? We all feel lonely from time to time.
When we feel isolated our ability to communicate with and relate to other people is damaged. Whatever the cause it can be cured. Persistent loneliness is bad for your health. So stop feeling isolated.

We discover whether there is a reason why you feel the way you do or whether it is internally generated and you are starting to lose contact with reality. We explore what you have already done to overcome it and how determined you are to break free from the distress. You need to do something about it or the problem will get worse.

The first step is discipline to make the effort to connect.

Instilling discipline makes us think of school or military – not always pleasant experiences. We approach your need for discipline in a kinder way. It is no less rigorous, just less painful. Small, simple steps include Adopting Simple Disciplines, Getting on your Feet, Some Easy-to-learn Routines, the Art of Networking, the Rewards of Curiosity.

We have hundreds of clients who find networking difficult, demanding and unpleasant. They discover the fun of engaging with others, making new acquaintances and friends and entering a spirit of life that left their old isolation behind.

Give us an hour, by Skype, if you like. We won’t charge you for it. It will tell us how quickly we can help you stop feeling isolated. The cost depends on how many role-play sessions you need; normally between six and eight.

To find out more drop us an email at [email protected]

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