Take risks:
If you win you will be happy;
If you lose you will be wise
Wisdom is for practical, everyday use. If you don’t have it you are missing something that changes your whole being. It makes sense of life, enables you to see what you can achieve and what you can’t. It allows you to forecast better, to make sharper judgments, to handle the rough patches, to find contentment. Wisdom is our fundamental source of happiness.

Can you learn it? Not in the sense of learning by rote. To become wise you have to learn to think. That is done by asking yourself all the questions you might ask others if you knew they were wise and able to tell you. Ask yourself:

# what is my objective for the coming 6 months? How have I defined that as…

physical or social achievements?
relationships at work and at home?
job position / promotion at work?
money earned, negotiated or saved?
travel or movement accomplished?

# where do I aim to be in three years’ time? In terms of –

having myself grown in stature and confidence?
having contributed to other (identifiable) people’s growth?

These questions are about the future. Wisdom is thought of as relating to experience and therefore the past. It is the process of turning experience into a purpose.

Rather than plan a course for you we seek to improve your skills in areas where they are weak and, in the process, get you understanding wisdom at the same time.

All our tailor-made programmes include elements of wisdom.
They come as part of the service.

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