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As we develop new technologies our prospects for a happier, longer, more fulfilled life grow too. How much will depend on our increasing our creativity. Do we know what creativity is and can we develop it?

What is creativity?

Creativity is the ability to perceive relationships.
Often between a need and a resource. A need to get around speedily is met by a scooter. We have discovered that our needs are things we don’t yet know about. Are we inventing our needs?

Not at all, we are merely discovering them. The underlying need is there, even if we didn’t perceive it.

But it takes a creative mind to search it out.

Can we learn creativity?

Everyone who has a good brain can learn to be creative. The process involves getting rid of the shackles imposed on us when we were young. Very young children are highly creative. Then they have their creativity disciplined out of them. They are made to conform. Learning to be creative involves learning how and when not to conform.

What we do to make you creative
We put you through role-plays that stretch your mind, make your imagination come to life and help you to abandon the linear thinking you have been taught in favour of scattered thinking.

Imagine you have been taught to shoot with a rifle. If your aim is perfect you hit your target – but only your target. To hit more widely you must shoot with a shotgun. Then your shot goes wide, hitting different objects. Instead of one target you have several. Scattered thinking is shotgun thinking.

How do you start?

Come and have an hour’s free chat with us – or do so by Skype. Then we’ll tell you if you can become creative and how many sessions we reckon it will take.

To find out more drop us an email at [email protected]

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