Your career stalls for one of two reasons – either you lose your job or you find yourself at a dead end with no chance of progress.

Well planned careers don’t work out exactly as you’d like. Unplanned careers
don’t work out at all.

We have a diagnostic system called PASDAQ™. Over 8,000 people have done this and discovered their purpose. Ask us for a description of it and we’ll send it to you. There are four versions of PASDAQ™. We’ll help you decide which one you should do.

Our Careers & Jobs Service helps you re-establish yourself as quickly as possible. We show you how to set up and use your network and make the right approach to people who can help you with contacts or with a job. We help you prepare your promo (Résumés are so out of date) and coach you to interview successfully.

Careers today go in fits and starts. There are moments when you are very successful and receive promotions one after another. In between, you may find you are in the doldrums for some of the time. Or you may be an entrepreneur who has success with some start-ups but not with others. The truly enterprising pick themselves up and start the next project.

If you think your career is stalled or you have been “let go” or simply need a job, possibly fairly urgently, get help right away. The faster you move the faster you will be back on your feet. Or perhaps you are fed up with the work you are doing. Perhaps you have reached half way, around 50, and want to have a different sort of second half.

A free chat, by Skype if you like, will take about an hour and will enable us to tell you which parts of the Career & Jobs Service you will find useful. What it costs depends on how much help you need.

To find out more drop us an email at [email protected]

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