For all the lawyers, accountants and financial market advisors you will need, the most important person in preparing for an IPO is the Communications Director. When you sell shares – just as when you sell anything – you sell hope, not records. Your business performance will be studied in detail, your grasp of the responsibilities and potential problems of a public company will be marked in detail, your flexibility and creativity in the face of relentless change will be weighed. All will be assessed by your communications.

We will show you the path to take, the advisers to hire and the degree of control and freedom you must have and give to guarantee a successful IPO. Even then the vagaries if the market place will thwart your best plans at times. Someone told me that the most vulnerable time for a CEO was during the counting of votes. Most CEOs launching an IPO use this as a time to work or to go for a drink. Actually your presence at this crucial point can determine the way in which you handle the outcome and your first appearance to those who have trustingly bought your shares.