The Tree on the other side of the Field

Life is a journey. A journey needs a destination. Everyone should know

where they are heading even if they don’t always get there.


Knowing what you want is not easy. Wealth, health, beauty, success are all generic descriptions of what we mostly see as desirable. They have to be earned. The long-distance runner doesn’t succeed unless he is focused and disciplined.

The same is true of a career. About 85% of people can discover what they really want to do. Some 15% cannot. But they can still set up their aim. Once they see the tree on the other side of the field, they will discover that life is about the journey but the journey is only possible if there is a realistic, visible destination.

And destinations change. If you are not clear about where you’re heading, read the story below. It could change your life. It will surely change your view of how to live it.

The Tree on the other side of the Field