A child’s prayer

A child’s prayer

Four thousand children dead in war,

a horror that we all abhor. 

Four thousand hopefuls growing up 

expecting to taste life’s sweet cup.

Four thousand breaths expunged in fight,

eight thousand eyes no more see light.

Ten thousand shouts of joy and play

forever now have gone away.

The shame for all this tragic loss 

we can’t ignore, nor just get cross.

Condoned we did the right to fight. 

We sanctioned Left, inflamed the Right.

If God there is, not yours or mine,

not Israel based, nor Palestine,

that God must surely be the babes’

and others in their early graves.

“God bless four thousand children gone

and stop the war from going on.”

John Bittleston

The day there is a real ceasefire in the Israel Gaza conflict our company will give  Four Thousand British Pounds to help the wounded and homeless in the territories.