A Day of Roost

A Day of Roost

You’ve been busy… Possibly on holiday. So we are taking a ‘roost’ today (not quite a day of rest, you see) to give you a chance to catch up with any Daily Paradox articles you may have missed. “Every one a gem…” Readers

Here are the last ten. Just click on the title:

A virtuous accident (of coming to Singapore) – why I am so grateful to this 54-y-o country.

The Magic of the Mediator – we could solve our problems better with a little trust.

The Politics of Push – used to be ‘pushme-pullyou’. Now almost all push.

Would you call it rude? – a quirky case history. Can you solve the riddle?

Survival – the reality of the climate crisis – at last being recognised, perhaps being addressed?

What can I say (about Boris)? – don’t worry, I’ll think of something.

Will your job disappear? – the probability is rather high. What then?

Governance Vs Performance – Our criteria for successful businesses need reviewing.

Happy at work? – ‘Happiness: A state of mind when you work best’

Power erodes with assertion –  the opposite of what many think (and most behave)

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