A different Daily Paradox for midsummer

A different Daily Paradox for midsummer

A rather different  Daily Paradox but I hope it will be intriguing and a little challenging.

What is the most beautiful thing you have seen on your tv or computer screen in the last couple of years? Beautiful means moving, stirring, touching the heart with love and hope. Demonstrating the best and hoping for the better.

There are so many that it is difficult to select one, isn’it? So I am modifying the exercise to give you room for two pieces – I suggest one essentially not music, though of course it can have background music, and the other a vocal or orchestral piece, pop or classical.

The only other imposition I’m making on you is that it should be fairly new. We all have old loves of sunsets – that I call ‘the promise of tomorrow’ – or Sinatra doing it “My way” but let’s try to be a little more modern. No firm date limits set, of course.

What moved you deeply? What touched your heart?

I’m giving you access to my own nominees for this modest competition.

First and red rosette winner The Friesian War Horses. Watch them on a big screen if you can. They will thunder and delight you to see power under control. They epitomise confidence whether at work or play. A confidence of trust like you seldom see elsewhere.

Second and definitely another red rosette is Corinne May’s ‘Angel in disguise’. This openly sentimental and hintingly religious piece has a magic about it that I can’t quite understand. Perhaps you can. It’s little story is translated into a very modern song with an honesty that defies analysis.

Here are the two links:

[1] The Friesian War Horses – Have your audio on: http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/Y5XJbSqhttp://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/Y5XJbSqwriM?rel=0wriM?rel=0

[2] Corinne May’s ‘Angel in disguise’ – Audio also needed:

Well, they’re different, aren’t they?

I’m sure you have something splendid to recommend, too, for our midsummer madness.

Please let me know and allow me to share with other readers of The Daily Paradox.

Remember – Short, New, Memorable, Touching, Powerful

Thank you and may midsummer bless you and yours

John Bittleston