Age of Darkness; Ray of Hope

Age of Darkness; Ray of Hope

Today’s Daily Paradox is contributed by Bob Gattie, Terrific Mentor

In an Age of Darkness, a Ray of Hope

In an age when blatant lies are held to be the truth; when rudeness, vulgarity, and ignorance overshadow civilised discourse and respect for institutions, it is refreshing to feel a ray of hope and recognise that all is not lost. That this time of darkness will pass and that we will gradually return to an age of increasing enlightenment.

However, this will not come about without the encouragement and example-setting of such leaders as former President Obama. His speech at The Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture 2018 in Johannesburg should be required viewing for all those of us who need a renewal of “The Audacity of Hope.”

Hopefully, it will galvanise many of us in to reasserting our belief in equality, decency, transparency, truth, and honour in the light of the damage we see being done by self-serving, autocratic, so-called leaders.

It is far too long since we have heard an inspirational speech from an inspirational leader with nothing left to prove, other than an appeal to reason.

“Change is never easy, but always possible.” Barack Obama

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela