Air pollution comes of age

Air pollution comes of age

At last, someone is producing a clear picture of the malign effects of air pollution. Not just the heavy smog that kills off a few thousand old people. Not just the long term effects of living with consistently dangerous air particles. No, the facts are coming to light. Bad air damages your minute, your day, your work, your games, your prospects, your career, your future, your marriage and your whole life, including its useful length. It took until 2019 to discover this?

We learnt over eighty years ago that breathing in small, invisible fibres from asbestos would give you lung cancer, emphysema and death. We knew the effects of coal mining with its protracted inhalation of dust – something miners used to try to mitigate by singing lustily in some of the greatest choirs in the world. We understood way back that inhaling threshings on a farm was likely to cause asthma. Now we discover that bad air destroys brain cells. Has there been a conspiracy of governments to avoid this unpalatable conclusion?

A sizeable part of the world is on fire, spewing out smoke and lethal inhalations, but the priority emphasis is on trick productivity techniques and false hope consultation. As a species we have a marvelous inclination to disregard the fundamental and opt for the peripheral. It’s time we stopped doing so and clamped down vigorously on all forms of air pollution. I know the subject is too big to contemplate. That’s exactly why we should tackle it.

Frontline in the attack on bad air should be doctors. Their business is now prevention as much as cure and some are tackling this vigorously. But they often look at it from the patient’s view, not the governance position. Given the need to control medical costs it is in the tax payers’ interest to enlist voters’ help to shove the Government in the prevention of disease. This will involve cross-border dialogue which will, no doubt, be rough at times. It is the responsibility of government to protect its citizens. That’s what they pay taxes for.

Noise is needed to make the case for climate control. That noise is starting. It will become more vociferous if the immediate health and survival of the population are engaged to make the point. ‘Too difficult’ has often been the response to issues that are international. All the more challenging. Governments themselves can help to foment the necessary interest and urgency with ‘Give me life’ campaigns. The dismissal of internationalisation by President Trump is no more valid reason for ignoring it than claims by Prime Minister Johnson that he is telling the truth.

The following are now urgently needed.

[1] Every voter in democratic societies and every citizen in countries where votes count less must email their parliamentary representatives with a demand to see a detailed programme and timetable for clean air introduction and monitoring.

[2] Doctors must have in their surgeries demand lists insisting the same. They must encourage patients to sign the demands.

[3] Representatives refusing to provide a plan must be sued via ‘class actions’ for endangering the health and livelihoods of voters and children.

We do not want riots because they are not effective. We want serious and persistent demands that continue until we are all satisfied that the planet is being run to a standard that makes life tolerable and healthy.

Not to do this is to guarantee the decline of human society into first idiocy, second, civil war.

And if you think this has nothing to do with Brexit and similar madnesses you merely demonstrate that stage one is already happening.

To you.