The Daily Paradox

IMF signals trouble – for us all

You can tell when people are getting into trouble these days. From Bishops to Bankers they send out strident messages telling others to do the right thing. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just done this in style. I quote from Financial Times of 25th February 2016: The International Monetary Fund has urged the world’s…
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Why Trump is a threat to us all

The prospect of Donald Trump getting the Republican nomination for the forthcoming United States elections is about as frightening as it gets. Being half American I think I can comment as freely about their politics as I do about Britain’s or indeed anywhere else’s. I love both my countries of origin as well as the…
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What must happen to the smartphone in your pocket?

Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Apple, Microsoft (the old Nokia brand) and others are battling it out in what they see as a single market. Not, of course, geographically but technologically. I think they are getting it wrong. Why? Because the smartphone is increasing its versatility for those who want rather primitive communications and cartloads of entertainment…
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Robot Staff

Can we survive in a world without work?

What do we do when we are not working? “Enjoy life” is the most common answer. It poses the next question “How?” You will have read about the rapid progress robots are making, about the driverless car, for example. Think of this: Ten percent of the jobs in America involve driving a car. Quite soon…
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Online social media profile editing

Online Profiling to make the most of your Resume

For decades, people have been searching for jobs through a tried and tested method recommended by various well-wishers, consultants and head hunters of ‘Resume with a Cover Letter’. The cover letter then became a cover email, the Resume an email attachment. Now the Resume is often an attachment to the online application form on the…
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Pay to save

When Quantitative Easing (QE – printing money) was introduced some of us thought it daft. We considered money to be a symbol of goods and services. Money created out of thin air clearly could not be symbolic of goods or services. So what was it symbolic of? The answer is debt. It’s the same as…
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In the boss' shadow

Use the culture to keep your employees

It’s an old saying that employees join companies but leave bosses. Still true, but today I suggest they leave cultures as much as individuals. The dreaded matrix organization has contributed to this. The implication that the ‘pool of talent’ is only available to those with a dotted line is patently absurd. There is also a…
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Concern over younger dementia patients

There is an alarming rise in younger dementia patients, says a headline in The Straits Times of 6th February 2016. It goes on to reveal that the number diagnosed last year was four times the number diagnosed in 2011. Associate Professor Nagaendran Kandiah of the Singapore National Neurological Institute is concerned about the trend. So…
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Security & Prosperity

Voters have always demanded security and prosperity as the reward for electing their politicians. The difference today is that both are perceived as being under serious threat. Terrorism has cast a long shadow over the concept of civilisation. Purposeful wars were at least understandable if not morally acceptable. Pointless killings make mankind distinctly inferior to…
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Gong Xi Fa Cai