The Daily Paradox

Diagnosis in Business

The world is full of solutions. It seems like everyone and his dog is working on pre-determined answers to a multitude of problems. So much so that just to mention an issue yields many prescriptions to solve it. And that is where I have an issue of my own. Solutions are only as good as…
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Ask and speak up

Once a year I give a talk to a special group.The constitution of the group is irrelevant except to say that they are intelligent, come to listen to me genuinely to learn about communications and are as presentable and lively a group as I could want. But they have two bad failings. These failings are…
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Business value creation

The Long, The Short and The All

The real business of business  If ‘ifs’ and ‘ands’ were pots and pans, what would you cook up next? A schoolteachers’ old put-down for kids who speculated and questioned was a lesson even though ill applied. It taught us to look for the caveat, the qualification, in each proposition – if you like, the weak…
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What will technology do to the leader’s role?

Leaders have always had the role of model for those who work for them, at least for the good things they did. Now they have to consider what is needed in a world where subordinates are partners, where the rights of the worker have been increasingly protected, especially in the West, and where the accoutrements…
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Chipping away at Cardiovascular Disease

If, like me, you fancy a piece of chocolate every now and then, pay heed. In spite of being part of a US$100bn market, your favourite indulgence is at risk because the man who grows the cocoa bean is quitting. So would you if you had to live on 50 US cents a day. That…
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When prudence is unwise

Income drives expenditure. Other things do, too – credit, inflation (or the lack of it), war and a mood that things will get / are getting better. We educate people to be prudent, to save for

The fun of creative leadership

You could be heading a large multinational organization – or a small division of one. You could be a commercial entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur, or the head of a government department. In today’s competitive workplace: A business leader has to be creative. The last 15+ years have seen organizations of all sizes focus on creativity…
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The Gloom Factor

It’s back to reality with a bump today. Not all is gloom and doom but if you want to look on the not-so-bright side for a moment consider the following facts. Some aspects of international trade are barometers of the world’s future economic health. Not perfect barometers but good enough to take notice. They stem…
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Singapore’s Fiftieth

Photo credit: Armando Nguyen Today is National Day in Singapore. We have National Day every year. This year is special. It is fifty years since Singapore achieved independence and the celebrations are planned to commemorate the event with all possible enthusiasm and gratitude. Our fireworks will not go off without a suitable glance backwards at…
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Thinking Time

Setting aside time to think is useless unless you know how to think. As our Solutions Society takes over more and more of our decisions it may be timely to remind potential and aspiring thinkers about how it is done. If this seems a bit like reinventing the wheel let me say that many clients…
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