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Online social media profile editing

Online Profiling to make the most of your Resume

For decades, people have been searching for jobs through a tried and tested method recommended by various well-wishers, consultants and head hunters of ‘Resume with a Cover Letter’. The cover letter then became a cover email, the Resume an email attachment. Now the Resume is often an attachment to the online application form on the…
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Pay to save

When Quantitative Easing (QE – printing money) was introduced some of us thought it daft. We considered money to be a symbol of goods and services. Money created out of thin air clearly could not be symbolic of goods or services. So what was it symbolic of? The answer is debt. It’s the same as…
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In the boss' shadow

Use the culture to keep your employees

It’s an old saying that employees join companies but leave bosses. Still true, but today I suggest they leave cultures as much as individuals. The dreaded matrix organization has contributed to this. The implication that the ‘pool of talent’ is only available to those with a dotted line is patently absurd. There is also a…
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Concern over younger dementia patients

There is an alarming rise in younger dementia patients, says a headline in The Straits Times of 6th February 2016. It goes on to reveal that the number diagnosed last year was four times the number diagnosed in 2011. Associate Professor Nagaendran Kandiah of the Singapore National Neurological Institute is concerned about the trend. So…
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Security & Prosperity

Voters have always demanded security and prosperity as the reward for electing their politicians. The difference today is that both are perceived as being under serious threat. Terrorism has cast a long shadow over the concept of civilisation. Purposeful wars were at least understandable if not morally acceptable. Pointless killings make mankind distinctly inferior to…
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Gong Xi Fa Cai

Sincerely seeking

Throughout history religious leaders have had many useful things to say, especially when they are advocating social cohesion and a kinder society. They have also, as we are today more than usually aware, made divisive and destructive utterances. Whether helpful or not their comments usually become complicated for us ordinary people when they include references…
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The creative ability to remember

Creativity is the ability to perceive relationships. That’s not simply relationships between people but relationships between things, events, anything we see, hear, feel or taste. Those familiar with my work know that I have used this definition of creativity for many years – in fact since it was first coined by Francis Harmar-Brown in 1966.…
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When prudence becomes cheating

Clout is what power gives you. Wealth is power, so the wealthy have a lot of clout. It is inevitable that they use it for the benefit of themselves and their organisations. Capitalism, on the other hand, works when the rules of the game are clear, understood and observed. The rules of the capitalist game…
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The Bear Necessities

Most financial markets are on the brink of Bear Country – that is, they are 20% or more below the highs reached in 2015. This should not come as a surprise to those who read ‘fasten your seat belts’ in our Daily Paradox at the end of last year. The rocky ride will continue for…
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