Brexit – the Daily Paradox’s last word

Brexit – the Daily Paradox’s last word

I’m leaving the last word to a scholarly diplomat whose wisdom I would like to share.

Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei is an Egyptian law scholar and diplomat who was the last Vice President of Egypt serving on an acting basis from 14 July 2013 until his resignation on 14 August 2013 – Born: June 17, 1942 (now aged 74), Cairo, Egypt.

The ultimate sense of security will be when we come to recognize
that we are all part of one human race. Our primary allegiance is to the
human race and not to one particular color or border.
I think the sooner we renounce the sanctity of these many identities
and try to identify ourselves with the human race
the sooner we will get a better world and a safer world.

Mohamed ElBaradei, diplomat, Nobel laureate (b. 17 Jun 1942)

Thank you, Sir.