Call a Consensus

Call a Consensus

Human Beings and sheep have less in common than is generally supposed. Except, that is, when they find themselves on a sinking ship. A sheep’s inclination then to jump overboard is remarkably similar to that of a human. But then, of course, so is a rat’s. Amber Rudd, whose name jogs our memory of that slightly risque novel ‘Forever Amber’ to which she is also not related, is no sheep. Nor is she a rat. Her reason for leaving Boris Johnson’s Ministerial group, as stated, is worthy, sensible and honourable. Ms Rudd is also a politician. She knows when to jump.

Her’s is unlikely to be the last jump, though I cannot predict who and when the followers will don their lifejackets. That they will, in one form or another, is now extremely likely. You don’t want to be the last Government Minister standing on 31st of October. Better to get your kit organised and prepare for the next chapter in British Politics. It won’t be anything like the last one. British Politics requires a radical rethink about [a] Europe [b] Referendums [c] Elections [d] Party Politics.

But in Britain, as in so many parts of the world, the money situation must come first. Over 60% of the UK budget is devoted to the National Health Service (NHS) and it is in dire straits. If you threw another £50BN at it you still wouldn’t get it right. Then there is the rest of the Welfare State. It, too, is crumbling. So are the Roads and Affordable Housing. Education needs a complete overhaul. The Transport System is a shambles of monstrous proportions, with, among other things, a disastrous new runway to be built at Heathrow Airport that will bring the South of England to a complete standstill.

Which of the Politicians you have seen featured recently do you think can cope with all this and Climate Change, too? Jacob Rees-Mogg lying on the front bench of the Chamber of the House of Commons seems to have such a dilettante approach to politics as to make it his after dinner game.

Boris is a broken reed, turned pathological by his addiction to Brexit at the end of October. Javid is a decent man but very new on the front bench and certainly not seasoned enough to become Prime Minister. The man who will be able to reconcile the warring factions is Kenneth Clarke. But he went the way of all flesh in the Johnson purge.

Nothing is totally irrecoverable. The purge can be reversed at any time. The people want a leader who reconciles the near 50% who want OUT and the near 50% who want IN. The Solution is to put back any thought of leaving the European Union for two years. We said this a long time ago. Let the people cool down, think about the realities and have a second thought. NOT a referendum but a Consensus. Bring back Ken Clarke for a three- or five-year term.

Let sanity prevail. Lunacy is a path to destruction, Boris. Don’t do it.

Shove off and make way for Ken Clarke.