Corporate Mentoring

Improve your Networking Skills

Are you a born networker? Do you enjoy making initial contact with people you don’t know? Does it come easy to you to strike up a conversation with a stranger? If so, you are fortunate. These skills do not come easily to many people. Even stars and celebrities will tell you how shy and retiring…
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Conflict Resolution to find Common Objectives

A significant number of the problems brought to us by businesses have their roots in team conflicts. When business CEOs come to us for help they often have conflicts either between members of the board or between the CEO and his immediate reports. Why do conflicts arise? A few of these are genuine disagreements about…
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Streamlining Communication Channels

Communications both internal and external require fresh and innovative thinking, not just the old standardised Public Relations outputs. To the stakeholders in the business both close and remote the information they receive determines how they will relate, if at all, to a company. The dreaded matrix organisation has caused more heartache and worse communications than…
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Your creativity can be aroused

Creativity is not only about problem solving. It is also about inventing new ideas, new ways to see the world, new applications. It is about complete fulfillment of your life. Can you, then, sit in front of a blank piece of paper and ‘create’? Often thought of as mainly about the arts, creativity is, in…
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Changing Workplace Behaviours

Behaviours in the workplace need three coordinated pillars of activity in order to affect genuine change and improvement.   Register Interest To find out more, contact for a discussion with no obligation.

Business Mentoring for SMEs

Is your business as profitable as it could be? The answer is almost certainly ‘no’. Most people regard the fact as an invitation to cut costs. We know a better way. Making the best decision requires that you know which are the critical issues in your business and which data provide you with the solutions…
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TOP in the Boardroom

As a business owner and leader, you make complex decisions and rely on your team or teams to provide advice and expertise. You probably belong to a professional network that can provide you with a second opinion.

Getting ready for an IPO

When you sell shares – just as when you sell anything – you sell hope, not records.

Negotiation Training

All negotiations involve emotions; successful negotiating requires that they are kept firmly under control.


There are many incubators and business start-up teachers for the entrepreneur, young or old, to draw on. Our service is for those at the very first stage of thinking about turning their technology, invention or idea into a commercial operation. Reconnaissance and preparation at this stage pays off dramatically later on. In particular, we help…
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