Mentor Extraordinaire

Known by Business Times, as the “Mentor Extraordinaire”, John Bittleston shares his insights on mentoring, work and life at large… Source: The Business Times,Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction. Attachments 21777977 (5 MB)

Negotiating with someone like Trump

John Bittleston wrote an opinion article on negotiation tactics in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. This was published in The Business Times on 9 May 2017, and the full text is below. DONALD Trump negotiated his way to the White House. It wasn’t a pretty sight. The fact that most people don’t wish…
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To grow your SME change your mind-set

The 2016 Singapore Budget was balanced, provident and visionary. Changes to corporate taxation were sensibly encouraging; for personal tax, edging towards more fairness without any violent swings was socially prudent. Most importantly the recognition that Singapore SMEs need help and support to grow into regional and international MNCs will be welcomed by those who see…
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Breaking the rules for better business

A while ago, I attended a networking event, where someone asked me what my business was about. My reply to her was, “In a nutshell, we teach people to disobey”. Initially, she was shocked, but after thinking it over, she understood that I was not advocating anarchy, but a sensible approach to following rules and…
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More clout for shareholders?

Should shareholders have a greater say in corporate governance? What key matters should require shareholder approval? There are two sides to the question of corporate governance. On the one hand, the greater the freedom to act in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders, the more likely it is that management and board…
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Should the US Federal Reserve start raising interest rates?

Should the US Federal Reserve start raising interest rates soon, or continue to wait? What would be the consequences for your business or industry either way? The Fed has made a mistake. Soon the economic downturn will show more seriously. When it threatens to become a major problem the Fed will start to create money…
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Singapore after the General Election

What changes, if any, should the 2015 general election results spell for policy-making in Singapore? How would the GE outcome shape the political landscape here? The first reason to be grateful for the election result is the stability and solidarity it shows the rest of the world. In uncertain times a confident Singapore needs to…
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Responding to the migrant crisis

What is the proper humanitarian response to the Mediterranean migrants crisis? Do other nations, beyond Europe, also bear a responsibility to do their part? This is both a short-term and a long-term problem. Until solved at the roots it will not go away. If we are not careful it will become the modern world revolution.…
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Making stress work for you

A demanding boss, missed deadlines, unpaid overtime, an argument with your partner – these are a series of relatively minor issues. However, when they pile on top of each other, you end up feeling stressed out. Stress has been around since the start of time. Usually it is due to the awareness of something demanding…
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Remaining relevant in a changing world

What were, for you, the biggest takeaways from the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally speech this year? How would these impact your business? Transition and change are never easy. A certain yearning for the past is inevitable as we grow older. Government has to make that change clear but gentle. A National Day Rally speech…
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