Christmas Card 2019

Christmas Card 2019

For all the wondrous things that we humans have made with our brains, we give thanks.

For education, research, science, discovery, moral standards, kindness, we give thanks.

For construction, transport, energy-production, water harvesting, health, we give thanks.

For food, drinks, air, friendship, views, beauty, art, sports, music, loving, we give thanks. 

For joys, skills, efforts, strengths, determination, courage, truth, visions, we give thanks.

For David Attenborough and very many like him who care for the world, we give thanks.

We seek awareness, understanding & cooperation, to do what our planet requires of us.

So we offer the determination that Dr Zhivago embodied when banished to Varykino and

after a long, trying, painful silence, he started to create again to tell us and all the people

“What a wonderful time to be alive”.