Deal for Donald

Deal for Donald

EUREKA. No, not what you think. Here it stands for European Union, Russia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Alaska. A symbolic, rather than literal, collection of disparate countries with but a single purpose. Almost anyone can join. ‘Not limited to’ as the lawyers would say. But it’s a big ‘almost’. In fact, the biggest of them all. Are you getting it?

If not, try thinking ‘transactional’ as the way of life ahead. We had it when I was a child. It was called Monopoly. I give you my Mayfair for your Tilbury Docks. Property nouce started young then. It probably starts even younger today. I’ll bet they have a World Monopoly, and all. It is certainly something Trump was brought up on. A bid for Greenland rebuffed by the Prime Minister and King. You couldn’t buy publicity like that.

The point is that the floodgates have been opened. Now I understand it all. Trump didn’t become President of the United States, he became Master of Monopoly. His Presidency was merely a stepping stone and we simply didn’t see it. He wasn’t after the White House, he was after the White Lands of the World. If it’s got snow, he wants it. That’s how he is going to deal with climate change. Moreover, he thought Reindeer was spelt ‘Reign, Dear’ a monarch beyond all monarchs. ‘Reign, Dear Donald’ was his objective all along.

We can’t have that. A world, even a White One, ruled by Trump would be humankind’s ultimate folly. Melt down the Arctic and only those at the top of the highest skyscrapers will survive. The boat business might flourish, temporarily. But no, we really can’t have that.

So what’s the solution? ROW (Rest of World) – or, perhaps more accurately, ROWxC (Rest of World excluding, well, you know) – clubs together and makes an offer Donald can’t refuse. What for? For the United States, stupid. Then we will have a UEUREKA. Suddenly, world cooperation will be brought back to the table. Talk of a United Nations will become real. Not just climate but trade, too, will be addressed. We’ll all own the Amazon Rainforest. Greenland, too, I shouldn’t wonder.

Think my proposed solution is too simplistic? Let me tell you, it’s the only answer to You-Know-Who. Trump on his own realises he cannot win. That’s why he bid for Greenland. Just a Toe in the Arctic, as I expect he put it. He was already trying to knock the Fed into shape, as you no doubt noticed, to produce lots more of the greenback dollars. What do you imagine he wanted them for? Think the idea will never catch on? Well. Greenland was what we call a snifter. Get your thoughts stirring. Now they are on the right track, think.

‘Modern diplomats need to think big’, I heard a senior Ambassador say recently. There’s not a lot bigger than fetching more-than-half the world together to compete with the other less-than-half. Are you up for such a move. If so, sound your horn. I’ll put you on the list.

Meanwhile, I want to make it perfectly clear that my Condo in the Sky is up for US$50M anyday.

How much is yours?