Is it worth Forecasting, Predicting, Planning?

Is it worth Forecasting, Predicting, Planning?

Is it worth Forecasting,
Predicting, Planning?

Happy New Year:

Terrific Mentors International is designating 2019 as The Year of the Question.
So here’s the first one. Is it worth forecasting, predicting, planning?

Good generals know that planning is for the birds. Paradoxically, they also know that not planning guarantees failure. A theist holding an atheistic view at the same time, perhaps. Like a good many of us, I suspect. Life is full of paradox – as readers often remind me. How boring were it not so. How exciting that we can forecast and predict and plan – and then cope when it all changes.

LIfe is not a game but it is best dealt with as though it had elements of game about it. The start of a new year is a pause in the game. TIme for a glance over the shoulder. Remembering past events in our lives is an essential part of establishing who we are, something that develops daily. You cannot know where you are until you know who you are. Often takes time to discover that.

New Year is time also to get out the binoculars, scan the horizon and see what the weather may be ahead. We cannot know the future but it is good to guess it. Children, especially, should be encouraged to. The more stories you create about the future the richer your life will be. Life without futuristic stories is a sad, bereft affair, waiting for Godot. You create your own future.

Here are some questions to help you think about what lies ahead.

Am I peaceful enough with my nearest and dearest to see the funny side of even the most untoward events? If you are not, you cannot be peaceful with yourself. In a thoroughly turbulent world an inner peace is the best safeguard you have against breakdown and despair. It is also a survivor’s basic tool kit.

Am I continuing to grow up, regardless of how old I am? The happiest people know there is still more to learn about life. Looking forward is what gives us the greatest pleasure. Anticipating the exciting changes that are about to happen to humankind is a great adventure. If you don’t know where to start read Yuval Noah Harari from end to end. He will make you think.

Am I interested in everything that is going on in the world? With the news resources at our disposal we can keep up to date on as many subjects as we can absorb. People who are curious about everything lead the most fulfilled lives. Learning is not a utilitarian matter. It is music.

Am I being kinder to others than others are being to me? Being kind is a self-fulfilling reward – the more you put in the more you get out. The condition, however, is that you don’t waste time calculating either input or output. If you shed tears of joy about nothing else in life you should do so when you observe kindness. It is a form of greatness anyone can aspire to.

Am I clear about my purpose, at least for the next few years? Those who have a Tree on the other side of the Field (a purpose) have a life worth living. Destinations are more important than reaching them. Without a purpose you wander aimlessly. Your purpose shouldn’t be wealth.

If you can give honestly positive answers to these questions you are going to have a Happy Year. Not one that is free of problems – there are no years like that. But a year you can cope with.

We offer every possible blessing on you and those you will be kind to.