Jeremy Bullmore

Jeremy Bullmore

Jeremy Bullmore has died at 93. He was active right to the end and we were corresponding less than a month ago. He was the leading advertising man of his time.

I first knew him when he was still a copywriter at J Walter Thompson. What struck me about him then was his perceptive wit. He could quickly see the many sides of any human situation. He dealt with them kindly and generously – and with clinical honesty. His ability to handle the rapidly changing scenes of advertising as social media started to impact the conventional ‘mass media’ was impressive and left many younger ad men struggling.

There will be plenty of informative and grateful obituaries about Jeremy so I shall confine myself to the impression that I have heard several people give about him and with which I so agree. “Jeremy never imposes his view on you and yet you always know what he is thinking.” As his bushy eyebrows compelled you to think for yourself, his winsome smile left you in no doubt that he cared.

Our deepest condolences go to Pamela and his family – and to all his many friends. We shall not see his like again but the memories he has left with us will sustain us for many, many years.

May he rest in peace.

John Bittleston

10 January 2023