Jo should change her offer now

Jo should change her offer now

A Daily Paradox ‘Sensible Politics’ Special

It’s not as if we are operating among politicians of much integrity and honesty. But it is as if Jo Swinson is missing the biggest opportunity of her life.

Uninformed dogma about ‘remain’ is as bad as uninformed dogma about ‘leave’. There is a huge number of people wanting a second referendum to find out if the British have changed their mind. I personally think enough of them have to sway a Commons vote. The only thing to do is to find out.

Offer to have the SECOND REFERENDUM, Jo. After all, what harm is a vote for the LibDems going to do? It will produce a hung parliament. The LibDems will have enough seats for independence so they can swing the vote for a Second Referendum. They can control the Conservative parliamentary votes enough to avoid the madness that would come from the right wing of the party.

They would immediately get enough camera time to show if they are, or can be made, to be the party of power. The chances of a Conservative government avoiding another election in the near future are slim. The game is no longer chess, it is hopscotch. As a tactical political move it would be seen as flexible enough to have the interest of the electorate at heart and at the same time to be using the current political scene to advantage.

You are leading the LibDems into a wilderness, Jo. One they may not recover from for years, if we ever get sensible Conservative or moderate Labour politicians back. A smart move may be a bit outré for the old party faithful.

It will resonate with the incomprehensible antics we have seen in the last four years.

Go on, Jo. Have a go. Promote a Second Referendum.