Macron or Micron?

Macron or Micron?

Anyone who thinks that broader cooperation between countries is a concept whose time has not yet come needs to think again – rather quickly. Wars result from weakness, not strength. Strength comes from combinations of power that are roughly equal in size. That is why President Macron should have made it clear that President Ursula von der Leyen did not accompany him to Beijing. He accompanied her. He should have protested strongly at the shabby treatment the President of the EU was given by China. 

I thought that China’s manners had grown up more than appeared to be the case. 

The European Union is capable of being a Tower of Strength, but only if it is united. If it isn’t, France becomes a separate Eiffel Tower, no different from all the other European Towers – Commerzbank Tower, Torre de Cristal, DC Tower, Zalmhaven Tower, Roche Tower, Piedmont Tower, even London Shard. No, London is not part of the EU but it is part of Europe.

The French President, for whom I have the greatest respect and with whom I totally agree about the need to earn pensions before they are paid, has let himself, Europe and all his allies down badly with his ungentlemanly behaviour, his inconsiderate remarks about Taiwan and his demonstrable lack of diplomatic skill. What on earth is he trying to achieve? He seems to think that rhetoric is of no consequence in differences. Quite the opposite. It is either the glue that holds opposites together or the poison that starts them killing each other.

Jostling for position in the European Union will lead to its collapse. Britain left because too many British, especially older ones, thought that the UK should be recognised as top dog in the Union. But Britain was a latecomer, partly because de Gaulle kept saying ‘Non’. He had his reasons and you can’t reinvent the past. Latecomers must accept they are novices to the party. They couldn’t do that. So they quit. An admission of their failure, not the EU’s.

Short of everyone linking arms and behaving decently – rather a forlorn hope just now – strong and respected power blocks, treating each other with the civility membership of the human race requires, is the best way to avoid further armed conflict, to properly address the climate problem and to handle the looming crisis of world debt. Voters should be told that guerilla attacks on other nations, even allies, are a stupid waste of time and effort.

Common sense has never been very common. At present it appears to be more needed than usual – and seriously lacking everywhere.

It’s a very simple concept.

Could we get it together?

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John Bittleston 

Where shall a reinvigorated common sense emerge from?

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15 April 2023