Maytime in Mayhem

Maytime in Mayhem

Britain nearly has a new Prime Minister, Theresa May. I know because I have checked the spelling of Theresa on Google. There are several ways you can spell Theresa. I’ve got the right one now. The Daily Paradox team sends her heartiest congratulations and best wishes for a task that, whatever else, will be daunting. She doesn’t need the Chinese blessing “May you live in interesting times”. They are already happening and she is at their centre.

One journalist reported that PM May is more moral than strategic. If true I think the journalist put it the wrong way. Moral is strategic, the best strategy of all. Shame on those who cannot see that. If the new PM leads with strong morality I think she will be doing exactly what is needed. But will the voters agree? Will they put their own interests second to the interests of their children, grandchildren and society? Aye, there’s the rub. We hope so.

Morality has to have a good practical base and, as a politician, Mrs May knows that politics is the art of the possible. The balance between the possible and the right has been tilted too far away from morality, too much towards expediency. A good heave back in the direction of doing the right thing will be a breath of fresh air. She should be given every support to do so.

Theresa May was in favour of Britain remaining part of Europe. She has said that Brexit is Brexit and she will make it a success. I think she may be in the best position to do exactly that. Her democratic sympathies were declared. Now she is responding to the majority will. Of possible negotiators with other EU leaders Mrs May will have the best empathy. Have a view, then do what your electorate have asked for. You can’t get more democratic than that.

The British political scene is one of mayhem but then so are the political scenes of USA, Europe, Africa, China, India and many other countries too numerous to single out. The tumult of the new revolution, known as Migrants, is a deafening roar, reverberating round the world, facing us with impossible choices. All solutions will be compromises. Even morality has to deal with practicality. But PM May has a chance to begin the journey that will last perhaps a thousand years, perhaps only a hundred, to greater fairness.

May is a wonderful time of the year in Britain. Life is returning after the chill of winter. New buds appear in the fresh air of May, not to destroy the old but to grow the young. Here’s hoping Theresa May will blossom strong, realistic and, above all, moral.

If she does it will be a lesson the rest of the world can once again admire.

The Darling buds of May.