Profits with Purpose

Profits with Purpose

The Financial Times launched The New Agenda on 16th September 2019 with a view to helping Capitalism, Business and Liberal Democracy find their way to Profits with Purpose. We applaud the intention to remedy the poor performance of capitalism since the last recession, a decade ago. We are enthusiastic supporters of purpose as a proven method of defining life in a better way than older, discriminatory systems. Every effort to make wealth production and consumption more responsible and more equitable without regulating it to death is welcome and supported.

I congratulate the Financial Times. They could not have given me a better 87th birthday present.

It sounds as though there should be a ‘BUT’ at this point. There isn’t. We want to develop the thoughts stimulated by The New Agenda, and add to the Thomas Babington Macaulay concept of ‘a time to reform to preserve’. Readers know that The Daily Paradox been saying this for some time, anticipating the new approach to money – what it is, how it is generated and who should benefit from it. The Daily Paradox will modestly help to start the Reset suggested in such a timely way by FT Editor Lionel Barber. Congratulations to him and his team.

Sustainability of an organisation, as of capitalism itself, depends on its purpose being wider than profits. Big business has enormous wealth and with it the power to fashion, mould and direct the course of world events. That power has shifted from national governments, with their voter determined priorities, to international companies with global plans.  Each international company is itself a mini-United Nations with responsibilities spanning the globe, and soon, the Universe.

The tremendous contributions big business can now make to our global sustainability is a new feature of capitalism that we have to get right. World population is, rightly, focused on the degenerating climate and its potentially disastrous outcome. Survival always has to be a priority. Climate is a big enough problem to tackle on its own.

However, an equally big problem – or, as we consider it, opportunity – exists to realign the world and its successful capitalist system in a way that benefits and encourages everyone to have fuller lives. To reset a world order based on Sustainable Competition is a challenge indeed.

The timely efforts of the Financial Times, of countless organisations throughout the world, and of ourselves, is an opportunity we must not miss. To deliver The New Agenda, Profits with Purpose and Sustainable Competition is a formidable task.

We will make our efforts as vigorous as we can.

Can we ask you, please, to do the same?

P.S. to demonstrate that we are still our old opportunistic selves…

When we started Terrific Mentors International nearly thirty years ago we began by creating a deep and thorough approach to helping individuals find their purpose. PASDAQ® has been developed continuously over the years and has proved extremely valuable to 9,000+ people. The word PASDAQ® contains the first letters of the scope of the programme – Personality, Abilities, Skills, Dreams, Ambitions, Qualifications. Identify these and your purpose becomes clear.

We are soon to launch a Corporate PWP PASDAQ®. Its objective is to help organizations achieve their Profit with Purpose (PWP). It gathers the PASDAQ® attributes of the business from every level of the organisation and analyses these into a form that allows the organization to identify and declare its Profit with Purpose based on the organisation’s Personality, Ability, Skills, Dreams, Ambitions and Qualifications. Organisations are at least as lively as people.