Pushing Putin – the morality of earth

Pushing Putin – the morality of earth

War is war and its goal is victory. But in the Russia-Ukraine war the goal is world stability. We do not know what the people of Russia want. Their history since the 1917 revolution shows a lost, confused continent of tremendous artistic and mystic talent pushed to and fro between the extremes of power struggle and successful development of human ingenuity. Its quest for both has driven large numbers to the bottle and even larger numbers to seek a Czar of infinite knowledge and wisdom. Will losing the war convince them that such a person does not exist?

Putin’s time is limited. He may cause yet more mayhem before he goes or he may disappear to a hideout in South Africa where he has invested many millions of dollars. He may have safe haven there. His going will leave many in high positions in Russia with egg on their faces. The inherent riches of Russia will attract attention from international robbers of great skill and daring. Russia needs help to protect herself from them and to reinvigorate its personality.

The help that Ukraine will need to restore it to a country of food supply and other life essentials is well documented. You can double any figures already broadcast. Ukraine, its valiant President and his team will also need social rehabilitation help. When I talked to President Poroshenko, President Zelensky’s predecessor, there was no visible threat of invasion, although Russia’s presence was always worrying, but the overwhelming problem was corruption. He admitted it was a hard nut to crack and he never cracked it.

The USA-China differences do involve Russia and the – originally – supportive role President Xi gave to his ‘close friend’. More recently that has receded and commercial competition and military ability have taken the spotlight as a source of estrangement. The restoration of Ukraine and the revival of Russia could be an opportunity for cooperation. The world’s institutions should already be demanding that it is. There is no guarantee of it.

Were it to happen the world could enter a period of enough stability to attend to its predominant crises of climate, artificial intelligence and over / ageing population. These already throw up crooks and ‘bad actors’ on a daunting scale. With the threat of nuclear destruction  moved out of the limelight, more sensible approaches can be used and the responsibility of educating the next generations in a sensible, earthly, practical code of behaviour could begin.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is not over, at least not at 4pm Singapore time on 26Jun23. While it persists Ukraine will need all the support, all the armaments and all the unity of a world determined to run itself sanely again. That support must come from both East and West, from systems of government that are different and from every individual who is fed up with excessive power posturing and increasing division of life’s potential between rich and poor.

Punishment must give way to restoration. Hierarchical power must learn to understand and handle cooperative living. Old factions of Left and Right must combine to a Centre of cooperation with identical end goals and informed, responsible discussion about the diverse ways to achieve them. The world needs a new morality – The Morality of Earth. Those of us who have been privileged literally to handle the soil of earth and sense its struggle for survival must pass on the wisdom of the weather and the gratitude of the greenery. 

It’s not necessary to hug a tree. It is essential to love it.

The love it returns to you tells you all you need to know about morality.

Good morning

John Bittleston


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Similarity of purpose makes sense of diversity of how to achieve it.

26 June 2023