Reflection for those in peril

Reflection for those in peril

To work through day and night to save a life,

to battle with the virus till it’s gone,

to risk your own sweet life to keep a child’s,

to sweat in clothing far too hot to don.

To help an old man die without his spouse,

To help a medic cope with mind despair,

To go off duty with the rising sun,

Returning while the sunset is still fair.

To grapple with a lack of things you need

just to make chances of survival good;

to know that you may fail, and yet succeed,

to force yourself to be the best you could.

What you have done and have yet still to do

shows models of the very best. While we,

from sidelines, feverishly view

invasion, murder, fear, anxiety.

This time will pass, and one day you will see

your effort and your nightmare left behind.

And for the rest of your life you will be

a Saint of Stature who did something kind.