Rooster booster

Rooster booster

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all our readers. Your support and enthusiasm are what keep me going. Please continue to applaud (I love it) and disagree (I love it even more). The Daily Paradox is not here to be right; it is here to irritate, stimulate and try to suggest common sense for a world that is changing its standards all the time.

The big questions are:

[1] What place have judgment and trust in a “post-truth era”?
[2] How can our behaviour reflect our personal standards when regulation after regulation begs dishonesty?
[3] How do we negotiate with others in an “in-your-face” / VUCA world?
[4] What skill changes must we make to keep ahead of the interpersonal and technological game?

Terrific Mentors International is setting out a strategic plan to get you equipped in all these areas. We will give you details of it in the near future.

May all the blessings you could wish for be yours in the coming year.

From all of us at Terrific Mentors International
John, Eliza, Deepa, Chi Chiu, Bob, Sandy, Renyung, Denise, Mike, Francesca