Become a better public speaker

Become a better public speaker

Do you dread speaking in public?
Do you hate facing a big audience?
Are you worried that what you say might affect your reputation?

We’ve all had bad public speaking experiences. It is debilitating. It reduces your chance of success, damages relationships and it gets in the way of your happiness. Watch other people and see how well they have coped with it. You can learn to deal with it, too.

A Terrific Mentor helps you to turn your attention outwards instead of inwards.

You just have to understand that what you say is of value to other people.
That is why you must learn about them by being curious. Curiosity is built into your system. Even if you don’t think it is we will help you discover it.

Your approach to public speaking – and your whole view of life – change when you become curious about others and about how the world works.
When you stop thinking about yourself you become more confident. You start realising that life is truly exciting and we should all enjoy it to the full.
Anyone can learn confidence.

We will help you ‘max out’ on that. You will seem a different person to others. To yourself you will still be you. We change your behaviour, not your personality.You have unlimited ability to be interested in the amazing experience of life.

Let us have a free hour’s chat with you, by Skype if you like. That helps us assess how many 90-minute sessions you are likely to need. The average is between eight and twelve. They, too, can be done by Skype if that suits you best.

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