Changing Workplace Behaviours

Changing Workplace Behaviours

Behaviours in the workplace need three coordinated pillars of activity in order to affect genuine change and improvement.

Power and Influence

Employees deliver best when they want to deliver, not when they are driven like cattle. No book of rules can replace a commonsense view of what others should accept. The new alternative to rules and measurements is increasingly the old knowledge of story-telling and its power to influence. This session is designed to enable you to motivate your employees beyond KPIs.

Compete and Collaborate

Successful businesses attract and develop strong personalities. These individuals will clash and that is healthy. But if the organization is to succeed, it needs to build a strong corporate culture that binds people together and allows them to do extraordinary things. This session is aimed at reconciling conflicting individual differences and personalities for senior levels of management.

Confronting Cultures

This is a stimulating group mentoring session on the practical application of creative thinking in a multi-cultural work environment. Drawing from collectively over 60 years of the experience of working in Asia and Europe, you will learn how the 7 Vital Elements of Creative Thinking can be applied to cross-cultural competence in handling people, skills and diversity in your global workplace. Recommended for Executives and Managers working in cross-cultural teams for at least six months who are interested in improving their competitiveness and marketability in Asia and Europe. Also recommended for HR Managers.


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