Conflict Resolution to find Common Objectives

Conflict Resolution to find Common Objectives

A significant number of the problems brought to us by businesses have their roots in team conflicts. When business CEOs come to us for help they often have conflicts either between members of the board or between the CEO and his immediate reports.

Why do conflicts arise? A few of these are genuine disagreements about how the business should be developed, perhaps because two or more sides have different objectives. Some other conflicts arise because of personality clashes. Many conflicts come about because of divisions, distrust, or when managers’ start creating confusion in order to promote their own ends.

Some disagreement is healthy, but deeply entrenched or escalating conflicts could become self-destructive and lead to many disastrous consequences.

People work well together when they like each other, have some common interests and usefully complementary skills and, above all, trust each other. It is difficult to trust someone with whom you cannot communicate easily so good interpersonal communications is a pre-requisite to trust.

Through questions, customized role plays, group discussions, one-on-one and highly confidential discussions, our Mentors identify the underlying causes for conflict and bring about an understanding of the real issues involved. We then work with the different sides to reach a workable resolution.

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