Too Stressed

Too Stressed

Where does pressure come from



coping with life?


Once we face our pressures we can deal with them. Pressures only hurt us if we run away from them. Look them in the eye and they are not terrifying at all.

A Terrific Mentor gets you to identify the causes of your pressures, works out how to tackle them and monitor your progress so that you persevere with them.

We help you through the rough patches. The earlier you come to us the better.

First, sort out what really matters and what doesn’t, at least for now. Prioritising what you need to do reduces the pressure to bite-size chunks that you can cope with.

Second, plan for dealing with key issues. Plans never work out exactly but not to plan is fatal. Your plan will include a timetable for achieving the vital parts of it.

Third, list the people who are really going to help you achieve the plan. There won’t be many of them but there will be some.

They are important to your success.

Fourth, determine what time and effort you need to put into your plan. It will be a lot but you don’t need to overload yourself. The best players are relaxed, not tense.

Give us an hour for a free chat and we will tell you how many sessions you will probably need to overcome your pressures. Most people need between six and nine 90-minute sessions. We can do these face-to-face or by Skype.

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