PASDAQ® – Rediscover your purpose

PASDAQ® – Rediscover your purpose

Sooner or later in everyone’s life they ask themselves the big question ‘What’s it all for?’The job may get boring, progress in your career may have come to a halt, domestic life may be less than happy, your relationships with others may have got a bit rusty or you may just feel that you lack a purpose or even, sometimes, a reason for living.

Everyone has or can have a purpose. It usually has to do with other people more than with yourself but to discover it you need to know all you can about yourself. The PASDAQ® gives you a thorough tour of yourself, your hopes, your fears, your skills, your weaknesses. It is like a very perceptive mirror seeing into areas you may not even have thought about. We ask you a series of open-ended questions. They all demand a lot of thought on your part and some soul-searching. When you answer them well you discover yourself.

You will change your purpose from time to time and your PASDAQ® will help you to find the next one. You will get opportunities you cannot anticipate. Your PASDAQ® will give you a yardstick against which to judge them.

The PASDAQ® is about gaining focus for where you want to go next. It identifies the direction in which you should look. The actual looking is then up to you, and we can help with that too as part of the Careers & Jobs Service.

The PASDAQ® helps you find your objective and purpose – your ‘Tree on the other side of the Field’.

Until you know where that tree is you cannot aim for it.

Insight about yourself, your motivations, purpose, performance and how well equipped you are for what you have to do – this is what The PASDAQ® does for you. It identifies skills you may want to learn. It says what to do that will make you successful. It lets you express yourself in a way that no other review does. It asks you penetrating questions and gives you the freedom to answer them in your own way. No forced-choice questions but something more meaningful – the right questions. Excellent mentoring is always done by questions. It helps you plot and plan your progress on the journey, too.

When you perceive your Purpose you:

  • Discover what really interests you
  • Understand your personality and how you work
  • Find out what makes you attractive to others
  • Reflect on how wise you are – and can become
  • Reveal your strengths and weaknesses
  • Work out how much money you need to achieve it

Before doing the PASDAQ® one of our Directors will have a discussion with you by Skype or phone. We can then assess the value of the PASDAQ® to you at your present stage of life. There is no charge for this informal chat and everything you tell us is in total confidence.

Once completed, your personal, experienced Terrific Mentor does a detailed analysis by examining what you say, asking questions about it and discussing with you the implications of your effort. She or he has access to other Terrific Mentors, as well. The purpose of the PASDAQ® is to help you find your Tree on the other side of the Field – your next objective in life.

There are four versions of the PASDAQ®:

Pre-career Version, mainly for those who have not yet done any full-time, properly paid work. Early goals largely determine a person’s success in career and life. In addition to the PASDAQ® this version has checklists of careers and working conditions to prompt clients doing it. This enables them to see a broad view of the options.

Mid-Career Version, for those currently employed or temporarily out of a job, who question where they are heading in their career, in their life or in both. Many people get lost or dissatisfied in their mid-years. The PASDAQ® is the best way to identify the next target and see how you should be equipped to get there.

Leadership Version, for those who are, or who aspire to become, leaders. In today’s world. Leadership is changing – both what it is for and how it is done. The role of good leaders is more important than ever. This version of the PASDAQ® is longer and more demanding than the other versions. It requires greater analysis time, too.

Pre-retirement Version, for those soon to leave full-time employment or who have recently retired. The length of your retirement is largely dictated by how well you use your time. Grandchildren and golf are excellent but you need a purpose beyond them to keep the little grey cells of the brain working at full stretch. The PASDAQ® is the best way to discover how to use what can be the most rewarding time of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I know where I am going, can you help me get there?
Our comprehensive Careers and Jobs Service includes the PASDAQ® as one of it’s key stages. If you complete the PASDAQ® separately, you can jump over to the Careers and Jobs Service and continue your journey and our experienced Mentors help you successfully use the focus brought about by the PASDAQ® to follow through on your new goals.

How does this service work?
It varies greatly based on the individual’s schedule and available time. There are 12 pages of questions, and the responses are typically at least 24 pages long. Typically this takes participants anywhere between 2-6 weeks to complete in full, assuming about a 1-hour effort per day, including communication, clarification and guidance from your Terrific Mentor along the way, and assuming your available time is flexible. Once completed, this is then followed up with two 90-minute sessions to analyse the results in detail.

Are there any student rates?
There are special rates for genuine full-time students under 21 years old.

As an employer you can sponsor and pay for one or more of your employees to do the PASDAQ®. If you do so we encourage you to get your employee to pay at least 30% of the cost. We know that those who pay nothing usually value the exercise less. If you are thinking of putting an employee through the PASDAQ®, please have a chat with us first and we will explain our approach to this in more detail.


“After the PASDAQ review, I have a better idea what I shall look for when I am searching for jobs now.” LWH, Project Engineer“The PASDAQ Review made me realize that I do have qualities and skills that I can take to another employer. Suddenly I had choices.” Mentee

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