Problem Solver

Problem Solver


Select a problem to see how we’ll deal with it


Seize the Initiative – and keep it for life!



Job letting you down?
We’ll diagnose what’s wrong and show you how to put it right
Lost your sense of purpose?
Our PASDAQ Compass will help you find your ‘Tree’ – or plant one
Home life unsettled?
Discover the reason before you seek the solution
Can't start a conversation?
It’s easy after a few role-play sessions
No supporting network? Uncertain how to start building it up?
Some simple guidance will show you the way
Can't get started?
The first step is the hardest. A Terrific Mentor will show you how to take it – and the second, third and so on.
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Can't finish what you start?
It’s a common problem. Find out how to work at the solution by handling yourself and others better
Bad at handling job interviews?
Role-play your way into the next job









Stuck in a rut and don't know how to move on?
Can't cope at work?
The tendency of bosses to pile on work while eliminating jobs is growing. We will help you find out who and what is causing the problem so you can fix it. A quiet 60-minute analysis with an experienced Terrific Mentor can start you on the right track.
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In the wrong career?
It may be difficult to change but it is never too late to do so
Destroying your personal relationships?
Find out why before you blame yourself. We show you scars from past example, poor training and inept performance. Then we replace these with the way to make friends and influence others.
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Too shy to make contacts?
Shyness emanates from you, so you can correct it. We put you through some social role-plays that change your shyness into attractive, outgoing, full-of-life joy.
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Between 35 and 55?
Find out how they can be less-troubled years.
Wondering what the second half of your life will be like?
You decide – but don’t leave it till it’s too late. A free 60-minute chat with a Terrific Mentor will help you straighten out your ideas, see what you need to do to have more control and question all the assumptions that you are currently making.
Ask us – Many of your assumptions are wrong!