Sum it up; spit it out; make it stick

Sum it up; spit it out; make it stick

We live in a world of so much noise that many young people are going deaf. The noise is, literally, deafening. The communication noise is overwhelming, too. It causes a form of claustrophobia. We feel crowded in by the emails, advertisements, brochures, offers, surveys, events, socialising, compulsory fun.

We can become slaves to communication.

Everyone wants to tell us what to do. We want to tell everyone else what to do. A world of instructions, orders, requests, pleadings, begging. Very little listening. We talk too much because we are insecure and think that talking will establish a place for us in the world. The natural response to all this noise is to shout louder. If you are to be heard you must surely raise your voice above that of the other person.

The opposite is true.

This service is about making more out of all that you have to offer by helping you to identify all the critical market messages, succinctly and effectively presenting them and allowing the message to penetrate the din of the modern world through precision not volume.

We establish a brief summary of your needs and your industry’s and company’s position. This leads to understanding that – among other things – you need:

– to listen to your target market and understand it’s needs.

– to summarise arguments as shorter statements and, when necessary, sound bites.

– to make your case more forcefully; to distinguish fight from flight situations.

– to improve (or even start) your Networking; you need courage.

Asking questions will systematically increase your networking to a point where both the number and quality of your contacts are good for potential job offers and potential employers in the future. This involves overcoming your natural reluctance to assert your presence when you have an opportunity to do so to some purpose. You may sometimes be overly modest and retiring. Learn when and how to keep your charm and press your case at the same time.

The way to change your relationship with others is to imagine you are going to a group gathering. There will be some people who you know and it will be nice to catch up with them. The temptation will be to spend all your time with them. Meeting new people is not that easy; easier to stay with the friends you know. But what a pity to waste the opportunity of learning more, improving your contacts and just making life more fulfilled. Because if you stick only to your friends that’s what you will do – waste an opportunity.

We will mentor you to make friends more easily.

Listening is not a trick. It is an acquired skill. You can acquire it in six exercises.

If you listen, two things will happen in your life:

First, you will be respected. People will listen to you because you talk less. You will find that you think more carefully about what you say – because you have listened. So what you say will be worth listening to.

Second, you will become a much more interesting person.

The next time you are out with a group, watch the people in it. There will be two sorts of quiet members of the party. One sort will be the dummies. They have nothing to say, they are bored and they are boring. But the other quiet people will be very interesting – because they will be interested.

To be interesting you must be interested. Listening is not only about understanding what the other person is saying but about what they are writing, as well. How often do you send people very clear directions, which they don’t read? Listening applies just as much to what you read as to what you see.


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